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Easter Sunday-Late Lunch

Daniel Shelton 

Hello, people out there, that are unsure or not whether to try Los Bravos!
Let me tell you, I have eaten at LB for Years and, I have yet to experience a bad meal or, bad service.
Everyone there is usually pretty happy and very friendly.
My good friend Elaine and her girls Lucy and Olivia and I ate here on Easter Sunday and, it was soooo good. As usual, of course!
We all had the excellent chips and salsa and queso cheese dip. Soooo very good!
Elaine ordered some sort of Chile Poblano dish that looked very good. And a Peach-flavored Margarita.
Lucy had the Chicken Tenders and French Fries kids meal and a Mountain Dew.
Olivia ordered the Chicken On the Beach dish (one of the best meals at LB) and, a Mountain Dew.
And I ordered the Chicken On the Beach, as well. With a virgin Pina Colada (so the girls could have a sip of it).
I'm telling you, the Chicken On the Beach is Amazing! And, it is a very good-sized portion, too. I mean, it will Definitely fill you up!
As I said earlier in this review, I have never had bad food or bad service.
Our server was cute and friendly and kept our waters refilled without us having to ask.
A great place, a great meal with great service.
Sseriously, check this place out! It is so Bueno!

Apr 02, 2018



"One thing I always love to eat here is chicken on the beach"-

Jan 24, 2018


deez nuts 

I would love to work there but im not a beaner.

Jan 24, 2018

Love this place!!!!

Aaron Kraft 

I love this restraurant. I have been eating at Los Batavia for many years since there was only one in the old Sir Beef in North Park. There food is excellent, some of my favorite chips and salsa and wonderful service!

Apr 21, 2017


Awful service. Came in 25 minutes before close and basically told to get out. Will never come back.

Mar 26, 2017

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant 812-482-7564 198 N Newton St Jasper IN, 47546 USA 3.1 5.0 25 25 Decorous great. Chips and salsa were very yummy drinks we’re good we are margarita and a beer but we ordered the nachos all Pastor and we had asked our waiter to substitute Carni