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Find the service indifferent and unfriendly

Feb 16, 2020

Ralph Ausbrooks 

The waiters at your Loogootee store are running a scam. My son and his family ate their yesterday evening and had a $30 Gift Card. My son handed the waiter the gift card and his credit card to pay the bill and when he came back to the table the bill was for the entire total with no credit for the gift card. When my son confronted the waiter he said he hadn't given him a gift card. My son called over another waiter who just shrugged. Your waiters are stealing gift cards and pocketing the value in cash. I told my son I would have called the police. We live in the Loogootee area and you can be sure we will spread the word to everyone we know to never go into this den of thieves again!! Zero Stars!!

Nov 26, 2019



Dont get the beans - refried once too much and who knows whats in it cause it looks like throw up.

Nov 19, 2019

Sherry Swinford 

My review was for the Westside of Evansville on 1st Avenue Worst service ever.

Jul 22, 2019

Sherry Swinford 

Food was great but the service made it a bad experience. The girl never refreshed drinks, came around to see if we wanted more chips and salsa, didn't see if everything was okay,and never asked if we wanted desert. I'll never go back again when I can get great food and service else where.

Jul 22, 2019

Love it!!


My family moved from Dallas and tried about 6 Mexican restaurants before finding los bravos...we are hooked! The food and margaritas as a good as the Tex mex we used to get at home! It’s now our weekly date night spot

Jul 17, 2019



We eat there at least 2 times were week for over 25 years Evansville East Side. Great Food avg. prices. Service is not what it used to be since the went to small salsa bowls this year.

May 03, 2019



Still my fave place for margs. Love coming here for drinks with friends and the food! I normally get the carne asada but I strive to get one different item during each trip and have not been disappointed. Delicious!

Apr 06, 2019

John Galt 

The food is usually decent. But the prices are a joke. Seriously, almost $4 for a steak steak taco??!!! 3 dollars for a regular taco?!?!?! Ive eaten at a dozen mexican resturants and never ever have i been price gouged like i was there.
Its dirty, they always get written up for health violations, and the front cashier guy is extremely rude. Ive never ever left their feeling like they appreciate my business or even that i waant a bother to them. Mi pueblo, and odons mexican resturants make you feel welcomed and happy to help. Los Bravos act like its a hassle to be there.

Apr 05, 2019



Ordered takeout. Ordered the Carnitas. Honestly, these were the driest, toughest, most tasteless pieces of meat I have ever had. I am not even sure what kind of meat it was. This is my third, and last visit to this Los Bravos. I don't understand how this restaurant stays in business. All the other Los Bravos I have eaten have been excellent, but there is something seriously wrong with this one. The only thing this one is consistent at this one on all three of my visits in the past couple of years is it has the worst Mexican food I have ever eaten. Should have gone to Taco Bell.

Mar 08, 2019

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant 812-482-7564 198 N Newton St Jasper IN, 47546 USA 3.0 5.0 23 23 Find the service indifferent and unfriendly