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Very disappointed!!!


Los Bravos located on Waterford Rd. (Eastside) Evansville. I ordered the Nachos Fajitas. It was terrible! Any good restaurant would put chopped tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, refried beans, black olives on it with plenty of chips. The chicken was bland. Very little white cheese, and they know that is a must is to have plenty. Waiters act like they have attitudes. It came with very few chips, very little white cheese, one small chunk of tomato that was hard as a rock because it wasn't even ripe, onions and bell peppers were bland! My God people, use fajita seasoning and more so you can taste it. My girlfriend ordered a taco salad. Hardly any lettuce, loaded with more shredded chicken than salad. She said the chicken tasted like crap. How can anyone give this place a good rating? Dave Ramsey would have a field day in this place! It sucked!

Jan 17, 2022

Berta Davila de Lugo 

No fue de mi agrado su comida, malísima, ni a mi niño le gustó, nunca he visto tacos mexicanos de carne molida, los pedi de asada, no se me ocurre volver a solicitar comida de ahí, pedi pescado, y no estaba ni bien, al arroz no se que le hecharon, no me gustó para nada, fue para mis perros, mejoren la calidad de comida, yo por lo menos no volvería a solicitar comida, gracias, bendiciones

Dec 23, 2021

Love Los Bravos


I am very picky about my Mexican Food. I love Los Bravos. I frequent the West Side & East Side location in Evansville, IN. Excellent service and food. I go several times a month & have never had anything but excellent customer service & food :0)

Dec 03, 2021

PJ Dye 

Decorous great. Chips and salsa were very yummy drinks we’re good we are margarita and a beer but we ordered the nachos all Pastor and we had asked our waiter to substitute Carnitas but we got the pork I’ll Pastor and there was so much cilantro on the top we had to pick it all out before we could eat it. And our server and never came out and asked us if we needed any more drinks or how everything was

Apr 15, 2021


Rick A 

My son and I first ate at Los Bravos when they only had one location in North Park, loved the food, service, atmosphere, and literally inhaled their salsa! Since then, my entire family and all of our friends love to eat at all 3 Evansville locations.
When I read the negative reviews, I come to the same conclusion: These people are bitter, whiney patrons who don't know good food when they eat it, nor do they have the tolerance or personality to make exceptions when everything doesn't go their way. Los Bravos staffs their restaurants with servers who are trying hard to satisfy their customers while speaking two languages and learning their crafts. I admire them for offering such delicious Mexican food while providing an atmosphere (including music) that whisks you into old Mexico. Many others agree with me and if you aren't sure, drive by one of their restaurants in the evening or on a Sunday...even their overflow parking is overflowing.
My wife and I like the "Create Your Own, Choice of Two" meal selection and order the Beef Burrito and Beef Enchilada with Rice and Beans. So good...its all we ever order! And, their bottomless Salsa Bowls are very generous, so good that I could survive on their salsa alone! If you haven't tried Los Bravos, do yourself a favor and try them out. Reserve your usual service expectations and your experience will set a higher benchmark when you travel!

Apr 09, 2020


Find the service indifferent and unfriendly

Feb 16, 2020

Ralph Ausbrooks 

The waiters at your Loogootee store are running a scam. My son and his family ate their yesterday evening and had a $30 Gift Card. My son handed the waiter the gift card and his credit card to pay the bill and when he came back to the table the bill was for the entire total with no credit for the gift card. When my son confronted the waiter he said he hadn't given him a gift card. My son called over another waiter who just shrugged. Your waiters are stealing gift cards and pocketing the value in cash. I told my son I would have called the police. We live in the Loogootee area and you can be sure we will spread the word to everyone we know to never go into this den of thieves again!! Zero Stars!!

Nov 26, 2019



Dont get the beans - refried once too much and who knows whats in it cause it looks like throw up.

Nov 19, 2019

Sherry Swinford 

My review was for the Westside of Evansville on 1st Avenue Worst service ever.

Jul 22, 2019

Sherry Swinford 

Food was great but the service made it a bad experience. The girl never refreshed drinks, came around to see if we wanted more chips and salsa, didn't see if everything was okay,and never asked if we wanted desert. I'll never go back again when I can get great food and service else where.

Jul 22, 2019

Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant 812-482-7564 198 N Newton St Jasper IN, 47546 USA 3.0 5.0 28 28 Los Bravos located on Waterford Rd. (Eastside) Evansville. I ordered the Nachos Fajitas. It was terrible! Any good restaurant would put chopped tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, ref